Python is a widespread general-purpose, object-oriented computer programming language that is employed to create different web apps. It's liked by numerous developers since it is uncomplicated and it has clear syntax, not mentioning that by employing modules, you are able to use considerably less computer code in order to perform a specific task when compared to many other programming languages. This way, you'll lose much less time and efforts to create the program code that you require. The modules are small groups of variables and subroutines that perform a specific action and they can be called in a custom-made script, so you could use only one line of code instead of writing the whole code for that action. Python is used for numerous programs like RSS readers, CGI scripts, database administration interfaces, data processing tools, etcetera.

Python in Cloud Hosting

You will be able to use virtually any web application or script written in Python whatever the cloud hosting plan that you choose, considering that the language is supported on all of our servers - we have the Apache mod_python module which enables our system to read and run Python scripts without any problem. You can use pre-made scripts or write the code yourself when you're experienced enough. What's more, you can also combine custom program code with pre-made modules and extend the capabilities of your sites, supplying additional functionality to the site visitors. As Python is a general-use scripting language, you will have lots of possibilities with regard to what this kind of a script can do, which means that you are able to supply a tailor-made solution on your website - one that satisfies your specific requirements.